*~*Tamannah on a date with Karthi on Valentine’s Day.*~*

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*~*Tamannah on a date with Karthi on Valentine’s Day.*~*

Post by Tamilkings on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:43 am

Tamannah on a date with Karthi on Valentine’s Day.

Tamil beauty tamannah Bhatia has replied that she is busy on the fast approaching Valentine’s Day. On some request she hinted that she may go for her movie ‘Siruthai’ and that too with actor Karthi, if in case he is free. The actress however, cleared the air that she is busy with her shooting schedule of her two Telugu films. But also says that, he may get a break on this weekend and so she may land up in Chennai for a party.

Tamannah Bhatia is not a party kid, but she enjoys to full level, when she is in Mumbai, with her friends. Tamannah disclosed that, she has no boyfriend and so she has no meaning to celebrate the Valentine’s Day.

But again she corrects her statement and says that she might land up in a theatre of ‘Siruthai’ with Karthi Siva Kumar.

What does this mean Tamannah? A girl and a boy meet on a valentines day, when there is something – something going on in between them, isn’t it?

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