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~~ Something to think about~~

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~~ Something to think about~~

Post by AruN on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:55 pm

something to think about

The obituary page had my name and photo in it. It wasn't too good a snap ofme, I thought, as I looked at it absent-mindedly. And then I gave a cry ofterror, "What's my photo doing in the death column?"

I remembered, the sharp chest pain last night. I looked around, it was morning;but my coffee had not been made. People were entering the house and walkingthrough the bedroom door. I walked in and looked on the bed. There I was,all laid out; dead.

People stared at me, not many were crying, and some, I noticed, lookedrelieved. "LISTEN" I shouted, "I'M HERE, I'M OKAY, I'M NOT DEAD." Nobodyheard me. They were all looking at the me on the bed. I walked back intothe sitting room. The coffin had arrived. It was being set up in the center. I watched them carry my body and put it in. "I'M NOT READY TO GO AS YET" I shouted, "I STILL HAVE WORK TO DO. DONT BURY ME BEFORE I AM READY"

I looked around. "Where's my family?," I asked myself. They were inthe next room, weeping. "I'M NOT DEAD" I shouted to my wife and children.They continued to weep.

"How can I go before telling you I love you?," I asked my wife.

"How can I go, before hugging you both?," I asked my children.

I wept with them.

The singing was coming from the next room. I walked in as they sang myfavourite songs. There were tears in the eyes of one of the men as he sang."But we haven't talked to each other for years", I said to him. "Why areyou crying? Come on, shake my hand and let's make up." The man continuedcrying as he sang. He did not see my extended hand.

My dog walked up and smelt my coffin. She didn't seem too shattered I wasno more. "I guess I was too strict with you," I told her, "Come, let me pet you." The dog yawned as it stretched out and fell asleep.

The singing stopped as the priest came in. He sat next to the man who wascrying and leaned to talk to him. I went close to hear what he was asking."Is there anything good," he asked, " the dead man did in his life time?"The man who was crying shook his head sadly.

There was a hush as my wife walked into the room. "She looks beautiful," Ithought. "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL" I shouted. She did not hear my words. Shehad never heard them before, because I had never said them. "GOD," Iscreamed in agony, "A little more time to do all the things I should haveone!"

I watched as they lifted my coffin and carried it to the hearse outside. Mydog did not bother getting up from deep sleep. The priest refrained fromsaying any word about me. They all understood, there was nothing good tosay. I turned to say sorry to the man who had the tears. I turned to hug mychildren. I leaned over to whisper words of love into my wife's ears, andthen I looked up and cried, "God, one more chance!"

"You shouted in your sleep," said my wife as she gently woke me up. "Didyou have a nightmare?"

She looked startled, as I hugged her tight and whispered, "You'rebeautiful...!"

Life has a way of confusing us,
Blessing and bruising us,
even then, i say, Life is beautiful.

நட்புடன்.............. அருண்

God Gave Me Nothing I wanted,
He Gave Me Everything I Needed..!

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